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1688Question re: evolution, time, and mind

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  • Adhanom Andemicael
    May 18, 2002
      The theories of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin assume that there is an
      objective flow of time in the universe. The theory of evolution makes good
      sense so long as it is discussed within the context of *Newton's* universe
      (i.e., within the framework of Newton's objective/universal time flow). But
      the theory does not seem to "fit-in" very well or "belong" in *Einstein's*
      universe. Einstein's theory of relativity suggests that there is *no*
      objective flow of time in the universe; relativity suggests that the passage
      of time is entirely *subjective* and *mind-dependent*!

      Can Darwin's objective evolutionary process take place in a universe in
      which there is no objective flow of time?

      "Time in a Quantum and Relativistic Universe"

      Adhanom Andemicael
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