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4358Re: Electrodynamic Field Theory

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  • Adhanom Andemicael
    Aug 12, 2006
      On August 09, 2006 5:43 AM, Jonathan Edwards wrote:

      [Jonathan Edwards]
      However, it worries me when people like McGinn talk of consciousness
      being 'non-spatial'. Any account of consciousness that can be fitted
      into conventional physics will need at least three quite different
      spaces which apply to the same bit of universe but have totally
      different mathematical rules and 'belong' to different things. (1)
      Euclidean/Minkowsky space (2) Hilbert space (3) Experiential space.
      The first two are theoretical constructs which can be used by all
      'flies on the wall'. The third is what we think is Euclidean space
      but is only a map of it and belongs only to the observer. Which of
      these is 'real space' depends on which way you are using the term
      reality. Without spelling out these spaces and their relations
      discussions of the spatiality of consciousness are self-defeating. I
      think there are reasons to believe that Newton and Leibniz both knew
      there must be three spaces in their own way. Modern education may
      engender a much narrower, more blinkered view, and I think that may
      be our biggest problem.

      I would like David's PDF too; I forgot to ask last time.

      [Adhanom Andemicael]
      John Smythies touches on these issues in his JCS article "Space, Time and
      Consciousness." There are some similarities between Smythies' theory of
      consciousness and my own theory.

      Jcs-online list-members may wish to read my paper "Temporal Passage":


      Target Article 61

      Adhanom Andemicael

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