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Date:         Sat, 27 Nov 1999 00:10:25 -0700
Reply-To:     Quantum Approaches to Consciousness
Sender:       Quantum Approaches to Consciousness
From:         Stuart Hameroff <hameroff@U.ARIZONA.EDU>
Subject:      [q-mind] Consciousness and Reality (Reply to G Stone) - Adhanom
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From Adhanom Andemicael <andemicael@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

[Stone] ...the study of "quantum consciousness" runs into confusion as it covers three spheres of action...

There are others, like myself, who overlap 1, 2, and 3 and see the study of consciousness encompassing all three in an interlocking manner. In my opinion, work that does not recognize the nature of consciousness as being separate from brain/body, and the source of all physical manifestations, will result incomplete or erroneous results.

[Andemicael] There is a definite reluctance to acknowledge the fundamental role played by subjective experience in defining reality. I believe this reluctance stems from the erroneous assumption that mental phenomena are CAUSED by physical events.

The following is taken from my web site. It reveals a fundamental flaw in the physicalist/materialist view of consciousness and its relation to physical reality. <>:

Temporal Passage, Causality, and the Mind/Body Problem

If mental events are to be caused by physical events, physical events must succeed one another within a temporal context. That is to say, physical states must *occur* in temporal succession where event #1 occurs first *followed* by event #2, then by event #3, etc.--all within the context of a continuous time flow. It is logically impossible to define/describe cause/effect relationships outside such a context of an explicit time flow.

The physical structures of brain and body are part of spacetime. And like all of physical reality, these structures exist in a static block-like fashion. Spacetime, which includes matter/energy within it, exists in its totality--in an "all-at-once" fashion. By definition, geometric time cannot, and does not flow.

However, subjective/"mental" time (i.e., "mental life") does flow. Here we see scientific materialism falter: given the static/spatial and "all-at-once" character of physical reality, materialism cannot logically account for or accommodate the dynamic nature of subjective mental existence.

Clearly we must abandon the notion that mind is physical and part of physical reality. Mind is necessarily non-physical.

As explained above, in the absence of an explicit time flow, one cannot define cause/effect relationships. Since states of mind cannot, *by definition*, be causally dependent upon states of matter, it is apparent that there really is no such thing as a "mind/body problem."


Adhanom Andemicael

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