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Date:         Sun, 5 Dec 1999 09:08:57 -0800
Reply-To:     Quantum Approaches to Consciousness
Sender:       Quantum Approaches to Consciousness
From:         Gordon Globus <ggglobus@UCI.EDU>
Subject:      [q-mind] Consciousness and Reality (Reply to Hemet)--A. Andemicael
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>From: Adhanom Andemicael <andemicael@WORLDNET.ATT.NET> >Subject: Consciousness and Reality (Reply to Hemet) > >[Hemet] >Clearly we should hold on, now more than ever, to the FACT that the mind is >PHYSICAL. > >[Andemicael] >Notice that the following are *both* true: > >1. Subjective consciousness *perceives* an unfolding universe. > >2. Spacetime *itself* does NOT unfold. > >What is needed here is a new perspective. The familiar insistence that >consciousness is "physical" leads to hopeless contradiction. ><> > >Here is what Roger Penrose has to say on the question of temporal passage: > >[Penrose] >...I suggest that we may actually be going badly wrong when we apply the >usual physical rules for *time* when we consider consciousness! There is, >indeed, something very odd about the way that time actually enters into our >conscious perceptions in any case, and I think that it is possible that a >very different conception may be required when we try to place conscious >perceptions into a conventionally time-ordered framework. Consciousness is, >after all, the one phenomenon that we know of, according to which time needs >to 'flow' at all! The way in which time is treated in modern physics is not >essentially different from the way in which *space* is treated* [see below] >and the 'time' of physical descriptions does not really 'flow' at all; we >just have a static-looking fixed 'space-time' in which the events of our >universe are laid out!... > >[*This symmetry between time and space would be even more striking for a >*two* dimensional space-time. The equations of two-dimensional space-time >physics would be essentially symmetrical with respect to the interchange of >space with time--yet nobody would take space to 'flow' in two-dimensional >physics. It is hard to believe that what makes time 'actually flow' in our

>experiences of the physical world we know is merely the asymmetry between >the number of space dimensions (3) and time dimensions (1) that our >space-time happens to have.] > >(Roger Penrose, *The Emperor's New Mind* [Oxford: Oxford University Press, >1989], 443-444) >

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