Did the human species come into existence "by chance"?

Biologists (i.e., evolutionists) claim that the design present within biological systems came into existence "by chance." These scientists make the assumption that the world could have been different from what it is. (They assume that the sequence of events in history could have been different from what it is.)

However, physicists tell us that time is a physical dimension. They tell us that we live in a static, 4-dimensional world. As we know, in a 4D world, there is only one possible sequence of events. In such a universe, nothing exists "by chance": Everything is predetermined. In a 4-dimensional world, all design, including the design present within biological systems, is predetermined.(1)

The human body is a complex biological system. Biologists claim that the human organism came into existence by chance. However, if the world is 4-dimensional, we must conclude that this organism did not come into existence by chance. (We must conclude that its existence was predetermined.)


1. I am not defending creationism.